Organizers: Matteo Longo, Nicola Mazzari, Luca Mastella, Khai-Hoan Nguyen-Dang

Time: The seminar will be held on Friday, room 2BC60, from 15:00-16:00. The first talk will take place on October 22.

ID: 827 1490 1749
Passcode: Please ask one of organizers for more information

The first part of the seminar will deal with Chabauty-Coleman method focusing on Coleman’s p-adic integration theory.

The second part will explain how Kim’s method is a natural generalization of the classical Chabauty.

Tentative Schedule

Talk I-October 22

  • Introduction to Chabauty, Chabauty-Coleman and Kim.

Speaker: Nicola Mazarri

Talk II-October 29

  • Construction of Coleman’s p-adic integration. [Col85a]

Speaker: Khai-Hoan Nguyen-Dang

Talk III-November 5

  • Coleman’s p-adic integration (cont). [Col85a]

Speaker: Khai-Hoan Nguyen-Dang

Talk IV-November 12

  • Coleman’s integration and torsion points. [MP12]

Speaker: Khai-Hoan Nguyen-Dang

Talk V-November 19

  • Effective Chabauty [Col85b]

  • If time permits: other effective applications of Chabauty-Coleman’s method in Diophantine equations [Sik13] or refinement of the bound [Sto06].

Speaker: Eduardo Rocha Walchek

Talk VI-November 26

  • Étalefundamental group. [Kim05]

Speaker: Pietro Vanni

Talk VII-December 5

  • The motivic fundamental group of P^1 - {0, 1, \infty} and the theorem of Siegel. [Kim05]

Speaker: Luca Mastella

Talk VIII-December 12

  • The motivic fundamental group of P^1 - {0, 1, \infty} and the theorem of Siegel (cont). [Kim05]

Speaker: Daniele Troletti

Talk IX- December 19

  • Selmer varieties and unipotent Albanese maps. [Kim09]

Speaker: Shilun Wang


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Notes: The seminar notes update on 25 Novermber 2021. pdf