Below is a collection of expository and lecture notes I have written over the years. 

Some of them have been little to no editing. I apologize in advance for errors and mistakes. 

Any questions or comments about these notes, please send me an email. 

Zeta-regularized Functional Determinant

In my undergraduate thesis, I study the zeta function technique to define and compute the trace formula and functional determinant of Laplace operator.


On the Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum conjecture

My master thesis explains the result proved by Greenberg and Stevens on the Mazur-Tate-Teitelbaum conjecture. 


Coleman Integration and Rational Points

Notes for the seminar on Coleman integration in Padova, 2021 (with Eduardo Rocha Walchek)


De Rham Cohomology and Modular Forms

Lecture Notes of Prof. Adrian Iovita in Heidelberg, 2023 (joint with Marco Baracchini)


Deligne's Weil II Translation

The translation of Deligne's paper La conjecture de Weil: II. A preliminary version, March 2024. 

Weil II